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Tomas Dolensky company "Care for woody plants and providing of technical services" was founded in 2000 in the field of working at heights and care for woody plants (arboristics). We have had great professional experience with climbing rope techniques and we have been given a licence to work at heights and above free depth. We have been continuously improving our abilities and gaining experience in all our fields. In 2007 we completed course of "Complex care for woody plants" at garden school in Melnik (Czech Republic). In 2013, Tomáš Dolenský became holds certification "Czech certified arborist" and also received the certificate "European Tree Worker", recognized throughout Europe.

Although we usually work on scaffoldings, platforms and cranes, rope still remains our most frequent and popular tool. However, either there are hard accessible trees, facades above clifs, roofs on high buildings or various constructions, even silos, the rope is in all these situations the first and very often the only possible help. Since the rope techniques are still developing, we are also upgrading our abilities and knowledge in the field of "web making" (I bet this will remain the most exciting world for us). Working at heights is for most of us fun and pleasure as well as the best way how to relax.

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Tomas Dolensky - Čepek
Provide technical services
Havlíčkova 881
293 01 Mladá Boleslav
IČO: 66993989
DIČ: CZ7606170935
phone: +420 777 109 135
e-mail: cepek@cepek.info

Branch office:
V Lázních 248
254 01 Jílové u Prahy


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